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As CEO & Founder of Essence of a Lady, Inc in May 1989, JoAnn Ajayi-Scott has established herself as a non-profit expert with over 25 years of experience. She began the journey with women meeting the first two times in a hotel, then quickly moving the meetings to each others’ homes. After working and supporting women-owned business and non-profit organization, she has been called to connect women with each other, bring girls to events, and sponsor programs for women and girls which educate, mentor, and empower them to pursue their passion and dreams!

She began two signature programs, YELL!Mentoring and the E’Ladies Network, which work collaboratively to bring women together to educate, mentor, and empower girls back in August 2003.. She has worked in partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters, Communities in Schools, School Districts in 3 states, and local and national businesses to provide educational programming and mentoring support to girls. JoAnn is very passionate about empowering girls. She recruits women to join the E’Ladies Network to conduct monthly workshops, group faciliations, field trips, and our annual FEMALES are FABULOUS Conference!

DCS Special RecognitionFor her countless and tireless efforts, she had won awards and been recognized locally, nationally, and internationally over the past 25 years. Most recently, she won: The 2014

Now, she is helping women build their businesses, establish nonprofits, serve on local and national boards to help guide them in their start-up businesses with tools and resources necessary for success.

If you have a desire to LEVERAGE your business or non-profit, get start-up support, tools, and resources, connections to nonprofit organizations locally, state-wide, or nationally, contact me for a COMPLIMENTARY 20-minute consultation at



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